Volovec neck rejuvenation

They will envy you.

Combination of different aesthetic procedures for a smoother and softer neck.


Ca 30 min








The female neck has always attracted glances and has been the subject of male desire. Women are well aware of this. But do we regularly take care of the skin on the neck? Unfortunately, we often forget.

The neck ages faster than the face and often "betrays" our age. The skin on the neck ages faster and the tissue loosens.


At Medicina Volovec we have prepared a special rejuvenation package for your neck at an affordable price. Your neck will be tighter and smoother! 

The package includes non-invasive, effective and patient-friendly methods, like photorejuvenation, radiofrequency and other aesthetic treatments chosen individually after first consultation. The protocol is tailored to you - depending on the condition of your skin and taking into account your preferences. 

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Title Description Price
Volovec neck rejuvenation 1 package, 4 visits 390 EUR

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