Removal of capillaries and veins on the legs

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Laser treatment is the method of choice for the removal of vascular lesions on the skin and oral mucosa. It is non-invasive, safe and effective.






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How does it work?

When a laser beam is directed towards a vascular formation, it absorbs in the haemoglobin. This causes a heat effect. The heat coagulates the tissue and destroys the vascular lesion. In the case of small capillaries the vessel simply dissapears. When a vessel or vascular formations is bigger, a small bruise forms, which is then removed by the immune system in the following days or weeks. The suitable time to perform the treatment is between autumn and spring.

About the procedure

Dilated veins and capillaries on the legs can be succesfully removed when they are up to 3 mm in diameter. To treat one region we need approxiamtely 10 minutes. 3-4 tretament sessions are needed usually. 

In the case of bigger capillaries and veins a small bruise will remain for 3-4 days. There are no other side effects. There are no limitations before and after the procedure, however in the case of bigger veins we recommend using elastic bandages for some days. 

If you will be exposed to sun, you should protect you skin with sunscreen.

First appointment

Each patient undergoes a clinical examination during which we establish the degree and size of dilated capillaries and veins as well as the condition of saphenofemoral junction. In case of venous insufficiency and presence of varicose veins we recommend surgical treatment.

Profound experience

Medicina Volovec has been using laser technology for over 15 years, which is why we are among the clinics with the longest experience in Slovenia in this field.


Title Description Price
Capillaries On The Legs 1 area (5 x 5 cm) 45 EUR
Veins On The Legs 1 area (5 x 5 cm) 65 EUR

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