Brings back the natural glow of your skin.

Providing the skin with the lost nutrients in order to regain it's elasticity and tone.


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What is it?

Mesotherapy is an extremely effective method during which we provide the skin with a special cocktail of nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, amino-acids, vitamins and minerals. These substances help the skin to rehydrate and repair imperfections caused by aging and by harmful effects of sun, hormones or cigarette smoke.

Well-known for its excellent results on the face, mesotherapy can also be applied in the area of cleavage and hands.

About the procedure

Mesotherapy it’s a non-invasive and a safe treatment during which the nutrients are applied to the middle layer of the skin by a really thin needle. The procedure is minimaly painful. A local cream with anesthetic can be used, however most patients don’t require it. The treatment lasts up to 40 mins and can be done throughout the year. 

The rejuvenating effects are visible already after first treatment, still we suggest 3-5 treatments in two-week intervals to achieve the maximum result. 4 treatments yearly are recommended to maintain these.

Side effects

Side effects are rare and fade out in a few days. Most common are small bruises at the site of injections and transient redness in the treated area. Before and after the treatment you can follow all of your every-day activities.

Our recommendation

Mesotherapy is an effective method, however, it cannot restore lost volume on the face or smooth out larger wrinkles, so it can be successfully combined with fillers or botulinum.

Looking for advice?

Do you want your face to catch everyone’s eye again? Set up an appointment at our clinic and let our experts advise you on what is the best combination of aesthetic procedures for you.


Title Description Price
Mesotherapy Of The Face 185 EUR

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