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What is ZO Skin Health?

Facial rejuvenation without improving skin quality is like building a house without foundations. In Medicine Volovec we are aware of this and we therefore look at your beauty from all angles. To improve the firmness, texture and color of the skin we have a variety of aesthetic treatments available: mesotherapy, laser photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion, radio frequency, volite filler, ...

In search of the best skin care, we have now finally found the perfect one and joined ZO Skin Health by Dr.Obagi family. It's more than just "good creams". The unique approach to improving skin health, invented by legendary dermatologist Dr.Zein Obagi, has convinced the whole world and will surely convince you too.

ZO Skin Health products are different because:

  • not only do they improve the quality of the skin, but they also act preventively and allow the results to be maintained,
  • deliver highly potent ingredients into deep layers of the skin in a special way and function at the cellular level.

These products therefore provide visibly refreshed skin with no imperfections and with improved quality. Your smile will be inevitable!

ZO Skin Health by Dr.Obagi products are found exclusively in medical medical ethetic centers. In our clinic we offer you:

  • ZO Skin Health home care skin prone to acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, dry / oily skin,
  • ZO Skin Health skin rejuvenation programs, acne prone, rosacea, hyperpigmentation,
  • ZO Skin Health Anti-aging programs,
  • 3 - Step Peel,
  • Red Carpet Peel.
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Our advice

To achieve the best rejuvenating effect on the face, ZO Skin Health products can be combined with other aesthetic treatments. It is especially effective when combined with laser, IPL, mesotherapy, hydrafacial.

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Do you want to improve the texture of your skin, have healthier, tighter and more radiant skin, but do not know which method is best for you? Book an appointment with our experts that will find the best solution for your skin condition.

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Why choose us

Individual and in-depth approach. State of the art technology and treatments. Friendly staff with extensive experience. The desire for excellence and satisfied patients.

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What we want to achieve

To emphasize your natural beauty and soothe the signs of years past on your face and by doing so, allowing you to age more beautifully and with more confidence.

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News and benefits

Special benefits for our patients. Tailored offers and treatments for every season of the year. Regular training workshops, education of our staff at home and abroad.

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