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What is it?

The Fotona LipLase ™ is perfect for enhancing lips without the discomfort of needles. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive method that uses laser energy to make your lips fuller, smoother and more youthful.

LipLase ™ uses a laser to heat the deep layers of the lips and promote collagen production. We treat both the exterior and interior of the lips as well as the skin around the lips in order to promote collagen on both sides. This encourages tissue regeneration, so the results are always natural.

About the procedure

The procedure is very safe, with no recovery and no risk of bruising. There are no restrictions before and after the procedure. The skin in the lip area may peel off slightly days few days after therapy, so we recommend using moisturizers. For best results, we recommend 3-4 treatments at 2 to 3-week intervals. Annual treatments are advised to maintain long-term results.

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Fotona 4D Facelift

Fotona 4D is a related method to LipLase, which also promotes collagen formation and regenerates all 4 layers of the skin on the whole face and neck. The method is recommended for those who want to rejuvenate their skin without using needles. Fotona 4D can also be successfully combined with injection methods or peels since a combination of these methods can work synergistically and gives maximum results.

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The power of lasers

Volovec Medicine has witnessed a tremendous revolution of lasers in the world of aesthetic medicine. With these machines we can remove capillaries, hair, skin lesions, rejuvenate the skin ... Recently, a laser method for treating mild to moderate stress urinary incontinence in women has become more and more popular. The treatment is performed in our clicic. More info at:


Fotona LipLase1 visit75 EUR

The price of the first examination is: 50 EUR (specialist examination excluding procedure), 43 EUR (specialist examination with performed procedure) or 30 EUR.

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Why choose us

Individual and in-depth approach. State of the art technology and treatments. Friendly staff with extensive experience. The desire for excellence and satisfied patients.

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What we want to achieve

To emphasize your natural beauty and soothe the signs of years past on your face and by doing so, allowing you to age more beautifully and with more confidence.

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News and benefits

Special benefits for our patients. Tailored offers and treatments for every season of the year. Regular training workshops, education of our staff at home and abroad.

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