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What is it?

Polynucleotides are the latest revolutionary tools in regenerative medicine that work at the cellular level to repair tissue and improve skin quality.

In aesthetic medicine, they are used in the mesotherapy procedure as injectable gels made from highly purified DNA molecules extracted from the gonads of fish. At Medicina Volovec, we use polynucleotides manufactured by Mastelli, which are biocompatible with human DNA and have an excellent safety profile, certified by the EU CE mark since 2005.

Polymerized polynucleotides work by stimulating fibroblasts, which stimulate cell metabolism, improve elasticity, increase collagen production and moisturize the skin.

About the procedure

Polynucleotides are in the form of a gel and are injected into the skin with a thin needle, i.e. in the same way as is done in the mesotherapy technique with papules. We can treat the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, back of the hands, scalp or other areas where we have scars and stretch marks. This method is special in that it enables longer and better results than classical mesotherapy. Namely, polynucleotides trigger cellular self-repair processes in the skin that last 6-9 months.

The whole process takes 30 minutes. Before the actual application, the skin is usually (but not necessarily) lubricated with an anesthetic cream, and then the product is injected into the dermis of the skin. The pain is negligible due to the anesthetic. After the application, small papules remain at the injection site for 2-4 days, which always disappear completely. Due to the needle technique, there may be a small bruise at the injection site, which will disappear in the next 7 days.

After the procedure, you can immediately return to your normal daily activities and work. 3 days after the procedure, exposure to the sun, heavy physical exertion and sauna are not recommended. For best results, the procedure should be repeated a total of 3-4 times at two-week intervals. Renewal applications are then advised after 6 or 12 months.

Who is a candidate?

Mesotherapy with polynucleotides is suitable for men and women over the age of 25, as it is an excellent method to improve skin health and maintain it.

The procedure is especially recommended in the following cases:

  • dull skin
  • loose and dry skin,
  • enlarged pores,
  • small wrinkles,
  • scars, including acne scars,
  • tired and loose skin around the eyes,
  • dark circles under the eyes
  • puffiness around the eyes - swelling on preparations containing hyaluronic acid,
  • skin with signs of photo- and chrono-aging.

Mesotherapy can be performed as an independent procedure or as part of a complex anti-aging program together with a chemical peeling, appliances and other cosmetic procedures.

The method is contraindicated in pregnancy, nursing mothers, acute skin infection and in minors.

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Periorbital region

We especially recommend polynucleotides in combination with laser rejuvenation. This fantastic combination can improve the condition of the skin in the very demanding anatomical region around the eyes. This is the region where the signs of aging appear the fastest. The procedure is safe and suitable for all those who want refreshment, especially for those who have swelling in the eye area and are therefore not candidates for rejuvenation with hyaluronic fillers.

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What should I choose?

Don't worry, it's not your job to know which procedure is best for you. Aesthetic medicine and medicine in general are complex. During the first examination and consultation, we thoroughly delve into the condition of your skin and face, discuss your wishes, and then choose the most suitable method. It is wonderful when we have healthy skin and feel good in our body. Our goal is to enable you to feel this way! How? With a great plan and an even better execution.

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