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What is it?

As mentioned, surgical excision is a classical surgical method during which we use scalpel and sutures. Firstly, the area of excision is anaesthetized with a local anaesthetic. Therefore you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Uncomfortable is only the application of a local anaesthetic. Once the birthmark is cut out, the skin is sutured and covered with a waterproof bandage.

All excised preparations are sent for patohistological analysis (PHD). During histological examination a pathologist determines the final diagnosis of the skin lesion by analysing it under a microscope. You are informed about the results via mail or by a telephone call.

When to do it?

Pay special attention if you notice that a birthmark: 

  • grows fast,
  • changes shape or colour,
  • starts to hurt or itch,
  • bleeds.

In these cases it is important that you set up an appointment at your general practitioner or dermatologist as soon as possible. They will advise you regarding the importance and urgency of the skin lesion removal.

You should consider removing a birthmark when:

  • It becomes suspicious (see up) and there is a medical indication,
  • It grows on an unappropriate location where it can become chronically damaged, for example under the margins of your lingerie,
  • when it is esthetically disturbing.

At home

To achieve good wound healing, we suggest that you avoid sports activities and physical exertion for the next 14 days. The sutures are removed 7 - 14 days after the procedure at our clinic or at your G.P. A small incision scar at the site of the excision is always observed.


For those patients, who are taking anticoagulant and antiplatelet medication, there is no need to adjust your medication regime prior to this treatment.

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First appointment

Upon arrival, each patient first undergoes a clinical and dermoscope examination of the skin or vascular lesion, according to which the proper procedure is chosen.

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Profound experience

Medicina Volovec has been using laser technology for over 15 years, which is why we are among the clinics with the longest experience in Slovenia in this field.


Surgical Excision + PHD1 skin birthmark185 EUR

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