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What is it?

Botulin application is an extremely safe and effective esthetic method in which we use a natural protein and inject it into the selected skin area with a thin needle. Once injected it prevents the selected muscle to contract. The wrinkle reduces or even vanishes since the skin above the muscle doesn’t fold anymore.

The advantage of this anti-wrinkle method is that it is selective thus enabling us to reduce only those wrinkles that are undesired. The patients usually complain of:

  • vertical wrinkles between the eye-brows, due to which we often have an angry look,
  • wrinkles at the outer corner of our eyes, 
  • horizontal wrinkles on the forehead,
  • small lines at the edge of the upper and lower lip,
  • bunny lines or “laughing” lines on the nose.

It is not only wrinkles that make you look tired and older than you are. With botulin we can improve many other imperfections of the face:

  • do a brow lift and bring back a fresher look to your face,
  • reduce the lines on your neck and make the skin on the neck much firmer,
  • reduce the asymmetry on the face, for example after paresis of the facial nerve,
  • stop the sweating under the armpits.

About the procedure

Treatment is easy, safe and lasts approximately 15 min. Pain during the treatment is negligible and there is no need for local anesthesia. Patient can return to his daily business.

First effect can be seen in a few days after treatment and it lasts 3-6 months. The effect decreases gradually afterwards. To reach permanent results the treatment should be repeated 2-4 times a year.  This way the results become more and more permanent and the need to repeat the treatment decreases.

Side effects

Side effects are rare and always transient. Most commonly observed are few-days lasting bruises in the treated area and sometimes a transient headache. Eye-lid ptosis is extremely rare.

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After The Procedure

14 days after the procedure, we do not recommend going to the sauna and other heat-based aesthetic treatments. Namely, these procedures can destroy botulinum and disrupt the results.

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Widespread Use

Due to its effectiveness and safety, botulin made its way to other medical fields as well. It’s widely used for strabismus, dystonia, overactive bladder, headache, etc.


Glabellar regionapproximately200 EUR
Crow's feet / periocular regionapproximately120 - 240 EUR
Other areas1 unit10 EUR

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