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Excessive perspiration can be extremely annoying, thankfully it can be reduced by an easy and a safe procedure.

To reduce excessive sweating we use botulin which is injected into the area of armpits, palms or soles. The protein acts by disabling the sweat glands without harming any of the surrounding structures. The application is completely safe.

About the procedure

Botulin application is an effective method. Treatment is easy, safe and lasts approximately 15 min. During the treatment you can feel mild to moderate pain which is effectively reduced by an anesthetic cream.  

Patient can return to his daily business immediately after treatment. Result can be seen in a few days and it lasts 8-12 months. Afterwards the effect decreases gradually since the protein is eliminated from the body.

Transient local bruises and edema occur in the treated area, however there are no serious side effects.

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After The Procedure

14 days after the procedure, we do not recommend going to the sauna and other heat-based aesthetic treatments. Namely, these procedures can destroy botulinum and disrupt the results.

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Widespread Use

Due to its effectiveness and safety, botulin made its way to other medical fields as well. It’s widely used for strabismus, dystonia, overactive bladder, headache, etc.


Reduction of excessive perspirationBoth armpits500 EUR

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