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What is it?

Injection lipolysis is an excellent method for:

  • reduction of cellulite and
  • fat tissue elimination on various selected body parts, may it be chin fat, floppy tissue on forearms, love handles.

The unwanted fat tissue is eliminated by local injections of natural substances, called phosphatidilcholine and deoxycholine. As these two molecules are injected into the subcutaneous tissue, they cause the fat cell destabilisation and break down the fat in the cell. Dissolved fat is then eliminated from the body by means of natural metabolism. 

About the procedure

The method is harmless, painless, with gentle secondary effects, most commonly transient local bruises and oedema. The procedure lasts between 15-30 minutes. First, the affected area is anesthesized by a local cream and then the injections are applied. Finally, lymph drainage or electrostimulation are done to speed up the elimination process. 

First results can be noticed after three weeks. To achieve best results, two to four treatments are usually necessary. These are repeated after six to eight weeks.

Since the dissolved fat is eliminated by metabolism, it is essential that you have an appropriate calorie intake and engage in every-day physical activities after the procedure in order to achieve the best results.


Injection lipolysis is not a method for weight loss and in this regard it can not replace the liposuction. However, it is a great technique to fight localised fat tissue and to improve the cellulite.

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Widespread offer

Medicina Volovec also has other state-of-the-art fat and cellulite treatments available: injection lipolysis, mesotherapy, laser anti-cellulite treatments, lymphatic drainage, electrostimulation and ultrasound.

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Have a carefree summer

A combination of different methods can produce exceptional results. Use one of the anti-cellulite packages from our offer or make an appointment where we will advise you on the most appropriate anti-cellulite therapy.

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