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30 min

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No needles

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Minimal to moderate

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Face, neck, cleavage

What is it?

Blefaroplasma is a non-invasive treatment, patented by Brera, which allows patients to be treated quickly with the advantage of having less down time than surgery as well as being less aggressive than other plasma based devices. It allows to correct defects such as:

  • drooping eyelids and fat deposits, which make the eyes look tired and aged, thus improving the appearance of the face,
  • mentolabial or nasolabial wrinkles
  • barcode wrinkles on the upper lip
  • sagging skin below the chin (double chin)
  • wrinkles in the cleavage area,
  • tissue biostimulation and skin rejuvenation.

How does it work?

It is a non-invasive treatment with no bleeding and without local anesthesia that serves as a great alternative to classical surgical methods or fillers. The plasma generated by the ionization of the gas creates a sublimation of superficial tissues thus creating a lifting effect.

The advantages of the treatment are:

  • return to social life in a short time,
  • economically cheaper treatments than traditional surgery,
  • visible results from the first session, 
  • safe protocols, 
  • high precision.

Contraindications for the treatment are:

  • skin inflammation in the treated area
  • malignant skin tumor in the treated area
  • therapy with photosensitizing drugs
  • patients with pace-makers, 
  • other electronic devices or metal implants
  • auto-imune diseases.

After intervention there will be transient redness and swelling. Prolonged redness, hypo or hyper pigmentation are rare, but possible. All these reactions are temporary and will disappear within a few weeks.

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After the procedure, it is extremely important to adhere to the doctor's instructions as this is crucial for healing without complications and for the good end result.

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Need advice?

Do you want your face to catch everyone’s eye? Set up an appointment at our clinic and let our experts advise you on what is the best combination of aesthetic procedures for you.


Plasmage1 areaup to 650 EUR
Plasmage2 areasup to 800 EUR
Plasmagebiostimulation150 EUR

The price of the first examination is: 50 EUR (specialist examination excluding procedure), 43 EUR (specialist examination with performed procedure) or 30 EUR.

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