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Water, skin and summer

Water. The origin of life. It makes up three quarters of our planet, two thirds of our body. Its share in the skin is no different. Due to high temperatures, strong ultraviolet radiation and wind, the skin is particularly at risk during the summer. Dehydrated skin has a poorly functioning skin barrier and ages even faster. 

The best way to effectively, visibly and quickly ensure adequate hydration of the skin during the summer is to influence its deeper layer, where all "production with logistics" takes place. This is the dermis. If we insert suitable substances into it, such as hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides, we have achieved two things: the particles of active ingredients will immediately bind water molecules to themselves, furthermore they will also improve the functioning of small skin "factories", which we call fibroblasts in the weeks to come. The skin itself will therefore be able to take care of the production of active moisturizers in the dermis and epidermis, and will have better options to fight against free radicals caused by exposure to the sun. 

Mastelli polynucleotides, which initiate the processes described above, have proven effects that are stated in many scientific studies, but what excites the most are happy patients. Therefore, for all lovers of beautiful and radiant skin, Mastelli Newest, which contains polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid, is a winning therapy for skin care before, during and after summer. To individuals who struggle with hyperpigmentation, I especially recommend Xela Rederm mesotherapy. Succinic acid combined with hyaluronic acid in this product will take care of melanocytes that produce pigment and "calm down" their reaction to the sun. Both Newest and Xela Rederm are applied to the skin with a thin needle. It is a quick and extremely safe procedure. The results are better and more permanent than those with any skin cream on the market.

In a time when new trends are created on social media and due to filters, one thing will never go out of style. Being healthy and having healthy skin. Adequate hydration of the skin is part of this concept, and thanks to science, today we have effective methods available to protect the skin even in the most demanding months. Imagine what would Cleopatra do for such a treatment!

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